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Quite often, schools need to build an athletic project but do not have the funds available to do so.  The choice becomes: making the best of the current facilities, or face the challenge of fundraising. Private donors are often interested in supporting the program, but the approach to organizing a successful campaign requires professional support.  The reality is that with the demands on everyone’s time and the lack of available resources, experienced help is needed.

ASP engages with schools that need to raise funds to get the field of their dreams.  We are very resourceful in our approach to raising funds for our clients, and have been extremely successful in accomplishing our goals.  We work closely with the school administration and support group to deliver  a successful campaign.  What’s more, our services also include:  project scope design, creation of bid specification, and project management. The result?  We deliver the highest quality projects while always looking after your best interest. Give us a call to further discuss the process in greater detail and receive more information on how we can put our expertise to work for you.


Through our thorough process we have successfully completed over 40 fundraising projects. These projects have exceeded the initial goals, and allowed our Clients to enhance their projects and complete them on a timely basis. No two projects are alike, and our success is due to our very unique approach. We develop efficient ways to creatively raise funds with methods that will work in a given community. We will always give an accurate assessment, even if it means delaying or not moving forward with the project.




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