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Surface Evaluation



ASP offers complete evaluation and testing of various athletic surfaces. We provide GMAX testing and a complete field evaluation of your synthetic turf field. This will provide you with the necessary data and testing information to sustain compliance of your field for Safety and Warranty.  Our testing will include the following:

Gmax testing with a State of the Art computerized testing device known as the accelerometer.  The artificial turf fields are then put to the test to make sure they are in accordance with ASTM Standard F355-A and Specification F1936.


  • Standard F355 regulates impact attenuation testing on playing surface systems and materials. It describes basic test procedures and reporting requirements. Procedure “A” of Standard F355 (F355-A) defines equipment requirements for impact attenuation testing on turf.
  • Specification F1936 prescribes procedures and reporting requirements for impact attenuation tests of turf playing systems. By reference, it incorporates the equipment requirements of Standard F355-A. The Specification includes diagrams of suggested test point locations for a number of sport-specific field configurations. It also includes a protocol for dealing with multi-sport fields.
  • Our evaluation includes inspection of the field to include: Seams and Inlays, fiber condition, depth of infill, maintenance recommendations, and additional observations.

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